Truth Stranger than Fiction

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Politicians, organised religion, entertainers, fortunetellers and mediums, future science, high level sports, martial arts, television land… they all have one thing in common, a connection to the spirit realm, one way or the other…

There are a lot of books, documentaries, presentations and websites around from people who write about their own spiritual beliefs, but after two decades of searching for answers I must say only a few of them actually take all available sources into account, to form a bigger picture regarding this spirit dimension. The key is to zoom out on things to see if there are dots to connect that one will miss otherwise…

I will try to elaborate on my view of things, regarding this interweaving of 2 worlds in our reality today. It basically comes down to the idea that mankind has been around for a long time, but that we were not the first ones here…

Throughout time people have been giving different names to different types of beings that were not human or animal like in nature, like aliens, demons, fallen angels, vampires, werewolves, spirits, gods… You can find these kinds of tails, legends or myths in almost every culture of any time frame you pick. My personal point of view – one that I find myself not alone in – is that they were here long before we (humans) came in the picture. Different scriptures, ancient writings and archaeology are all telling the same story. My own conclusion after looking into these esoteric subjects  for quite some time, is basically this;

The core of original monotheism (not organised religion) has always been a truth based guideline for us humans to protect ourselves from them… but… who is “them”?

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More loggs coming soon…

  1. interesting title for a blog.

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  2. Where can I read more of your stuff. Good reading here,…..thanks!

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  3. Seems like a very interesting idea
    And yes, miracle-wise, nothing is stranger than reality 🙂

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  4. Very good theory. 🙂

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